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Sniff dog unit

detector dog logoThe sniff-dog unit under the Customs General Administration was founded initially in March of 1993 with one dog. After 18 years, we are now operating with 37 customs officer handling 50 sniff dogs at 15 customs houses and branches. The breeds of dogs the customs organization has are most suited to the weather conditions of our country and include cocker spaniel, German shepherd, and Labrador. The main responsibility of the sniff dogs in the customs organization is to detect goods prohibited or restricted to cross the border and to detect and prevent drugs, narcotics to cross the border. As of the last three years, the sniff dogs were instrumental in detecting 310 cases of customs offence and confiscating goods the amount of 46.9 million MNT. 79.3% of the violations were related to animal furs and the remaining 20.7% was related to alcohols, tobacco, medicine, raw meat and cashmere. The sniff dog unit has been cooperating with Japan, Hungary, and Kazakhstan jointly organizing trainings for the sniff dogs to detect drugs and narcotics.

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