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Things to take note

Personal effects of passengers:

“Personal effects of passengers” shall mean:
-All articles necessary for personal use during the journey;
-Medicaments for personal use;
-Articles in quantity and value not exceeding the limits permitted to be carried free of Customs duty and other taxes.

Quantity of Passenger’s personal effects: 

Personal effects of passengers include all articles necessary for use during the journey /both new or old/, foodstuff sufficient till the destination that does not require further processing, and the following goods depending on the purpose and duration of the travel: 

-Personal jewelry /not exceeding the number necessary for personal use/;
-Cameras, camcorders, certain number of tapes and films, and other auxiliary accessories thereto;
-Portable slide and movie projector, certain number of slides and films thereto;
-Portable musical instruments;
-CD player, recordings, portable player, audio recording tape, discs;
-Portable radio receivers;
-Mobile phones;
-Portable television;
-Portable typewriter;
-Laptop and its accessories;
-Portable calculator;
-Sports equipment.

Passengers’ medicaments for personal use:

-Medicaments carried by travelers traveling on railway, buses, vessels, aircraft and private means of transport for their own use is regarded as MEDICAMENTS FOR PERSONAL USE.
-Passengers’ medicaments for their personal use shall not be regarded as imported goods and import licenses shall not be required.
-Medicaments for personal use shall include medicaments for urgent aid /for up to 7 days/ and for long term recovery treatments /for treatment from diabetes, cancer, mental illness and AIDS/

-The following medicaments is prohibited to be carried across the national border as medicaments for personal use:
-Antibiotic injections
-Blood and plasma
-Immunologic preparations

Carriage of traveler’s private means of transport across customs border:

- TRAVELER’S PRIVATE MEANS OF TRANSPORT shall mean private vehicles registered in the country where the traveler resides permanently. /Permanent residence is the residing country of the citizen of the country, of an individual married to a citizen of the country or of a foreign citizen residing in the country for more than 90 days/

- Traveler’s private means of transport is carried temporarily across the Customs border for the duration permitted to the traveler to stay in the Mongolian territory or overseas and it shall be under the custom control through registration.

- Spare parts, tools and fuels necessary for maintenance and service for traveler’s private means of transport is carried across the customs border free of customs duty and other taxes.

- In the case the traveler’s private means of transport fails to leave the customs border within the time frame since it entered Mongolia, in accordance with the Mongolian laws and legislation customs duties and other taxes shall be levied.

A passenger is entitled to carry the following items across customs border WITHOUT CUSTOMS DUTY AND OTHER TAXES:

- Alcoholic beverage 1 liter
- Wine 2 liters
- Beer 3 liters
- Cigarette 200 pieces
- Cigar 50 pieces
- Tobacco leaves, flake tobacco not exceeding 250 g /passengers under the age 18 are prohibited to carry alcoholic beverage and cigarettes across customs border/.
- Personal effects, furniture, and home appliance /not exceeding 1 piece each/ of passengers returning from residing in Mongolia or overseas for over 6 months for study or work purposes.
- Inherited properties in accordance with the description, quantity and amount specified in the certificate verified by the notary or local authority.
- Mongolian citizens, foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship may carry hard currency into the customs border in the amount declared to the Customs. Mongolian citizens may carry hard currency out of the customs border in the amount declared to the Customs, however foreign citizens and individuals with no citizenship may carry out hard currency based on the former declaration form upon their arrival and the receipts from the bank showing their purchase of the hard currency.
- Withdrawn bank notes may be carried across the customs border one from each face value for collection purposes only..
- Medications for use during the travel of the passenger shall be permitted across the customs border on the basis of medical results.

Goods to be transferred to a third party shall be deemed as goods of the passenger and thus must be declared in the passenger customs declaration form.
- Customs clearance shall not be carried out for goods in the crude state or needs further processing, animals, raw materials of vegetable origin, raw materials for industrial use, chemical and nuclear substances, and genetically modified food under a private person’s name.

Carriage of international postal items across customs border:

International postal items must not be released to the receiver or sent overseas without the approval of the customs organization. .

In the case of notion that the postal item contains goods prohibited to cross the Mongolian border or in the case where postal items are in transit through the customs territory upon request of another country’s customs organization, customs may detain and control the postal item.

The following items are prohibited to be sent through international post:
- Prohibited goods to be carried across the Mongolian border
- National and foreign currencies and bonds
- Second hand clothes, shoes and bed sheets which are not disinfected
- Dangerous goods such as radioactive, chemical precursor, toxic substances and explosives
- Goods perishable, easily spoilt and which require special storage conditions
- Other goods prohibited by laws

The Customs shall clear international postal items with no delay

The Customs shall not clear postal items in transit through the Customs territory, but shall control them.