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Mongolian delegation led by the Deputy Director General of the General Authority for Customs and Taxation met with the Chinese delegation led by the Deputy Director General of China Customs and the Director of the Ports Unit Huang Shenchiang to exchange ideas under the framework of the agreement signed between the Mongolian National Ports Council and the General Customs Administration of China on establishing a port management cooperation commission.

The Chinese side proposed to amend the “Mongolian intergovernmental agreement on the Mongolian and Chinese ports and their procedures” and the parties agreed to review the proposal.

Moreover, the Chinese side suggested that the ports development efforts should take place in a uniform manner and that it was time to amend the Road transport agreement signed between our two governments. The parties agreed to resolve several issues including the construction of concrete bridge in the Bayankhoshuu-Uvdug port region and organization of the Mongolian, Chinese border ports management cooperation forum this September.

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