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On behalf of the Customs General Administration of Mongolia and myself, Happy 104th anniversary of the establishment of modern customs organization in Mongolia, to all customs personnel and their families who have dedicated themselves to the customs organization.

The last 104 years of history records that the Government and the people are grateful to the customs personnel for protecting and strengthening the national interest and economic security of Mongolia and for dutifully fulfilling their difficult yet responsible obligations to the government to enforce the laws and legislations.

The customs organization introduced risk management in its operation and has been working effectively in combating illicit trade activities, and facilitating trade via reducing customs clearance time, automating clearance through online declaration. Furthermore, I am pleased to note that Mongolian Customs has been endeavoring to bring its services to international standards, developing electronic customs based on modern information technology, contributing to the state revenue collection, protecting national security and ensuring the implementation of the obligations set forth by international conventions and agreements.

Our aim today is to further enhance our achievements and to fulfill our legal responsibilities and duties to our people with pride, professionalism and patriotism. The reputation of the customs organization is inseparably connected with the actions of each individual customs officers. It is our duty to strictly comply with the state laws and legislation, to protect the national security, to combat transnational economic crimes, to facilitate trade and to enhance and develop the information technology achievements.

I am confident that all our customs officers will maintain the distinguished reputation of the customs organization through your accountable, transparent and honest work based on the vast experience of the customs personnel from all generations.

I wish all the best and great success to the thousands of customs officers and staffs under the customs family on this day of celebration.