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Mongolian Customs representatives led by Director General of the MCGA B.Asralt visited to Moscow.


On the invitation of the Russian Federal Customs Service, Mongolian Customs representatives led by Director General of the Mongolian Customs General Administration B.Asralt attended the 25th anniversary of the Federal Customs Service and Customs head round table discussion as a part of 17th “Customs Service – 2016” international exhibition on October 24, 2016 Moscow, Russia. The composition of the delegation Deputy General of the Mongolian Customs General Administration Yo.Bat-Erdene, Director of Customs Offence Prevention Department B.Onon, Customs officer of International Coorporation Division Ts.Bayarmaa.

Within the frames of this meeting agendas of the previous meetings were discussed and reviewed, as well as follow ups of the continuing projects and planning of extra workforce and recourses on the projects that are being delayed, the particular meeting was held at Russian Federal Customs Service in presence of the highest ranking officials of MCGA and FCS organizations.


The following agendas were discussed and come to mutual agreements

1. Joint meeting was held on June 23, 2016 in city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan between Mongolian, Russian and Chinese customs officials come to an agreement to inspect certain goods that are being imported through the borders, in order to make these inspections fluid the above mentioned countries will be participating an trilateral meeting in city of Moscow in 2017, therefore Russian officials have formally invited the Mongolian customs officials to participate in this meeting

2. As a result of the meeting held on July 9, 2015 Ufa city, Mongolian Russian Customs officials have signed to an agreement to improve the sharing of the outcomes of the x-ray inspection of the certain goods, as well as the continuation of the trial of the data exchange approved by all the parties of the meeting. Mongolian side has requested changes in the first draft of data exchange between Russia and Mongolia done on the vehicles coming through the borders. Decisions have been made to have a video conference between the experts of Information technology center of MCGA and Information technology center of FCS in November 3, 2016.

3. Mongolian and Russian officials have come to a decision to create a database to exchange travel information regarding private vehicles through Russian and Mongolian borders. The Russian side have expressed their concern about the 774 of Mongolian vehicles that have crossed the border to the Russian side and have not returned to Mongolia, by creating the database such incidents will be under control and the partnership will be tightened.

4. Meeting regarding the customs statistics collation and the analysis will be held every 3 years and Russia has offered to hold the meeting in 2018. /The previous meeting was held on June 30 – July 2, 2015 in Ulaanbaatar/

5. MCGA has expressed their approval of this conference “Cooperation to standardize the daily progress of Altanbulag – Hiagt port protocol” has been signed between Mongolia and Russian customs officials.