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Delegations from various government organizations operating at border points and business entities have participated the “Border Tourism Forum”, jointly organized by Ministry of Environment, Green development and Tourism and Mongolian Tourism Association. Director of Customs Control and Inspection department of Buyant-Ukhaa customhouse has made speech and gave answers to questions raised during the open discussion.

Main objectives of the Forum:

-       To enforce the Customs law and other legal instruments and to improve results of customs control

-       To provide customs service to tourists travelling to Mongolia without any complications in order to enhance the overall competitiveness of tourism

-       To decrease the amount of time spent on customs clearance and to work efficiently in accordance with the law

-       To improve the passengers’ knowledge of special commodities beforehand and further receive completed related documents

During the forum, Customs has encouraged the organizations operating in the area of tourism to introduce Customs law to tourist travelling to Mongolia. Due to tourists’ limited knowledge of restrictions and limitations to goods they’re carrying, there are many instances where customs hold up and collect their goods during customs control. So Customs have mentioned that it’s important for guides and interpreters to have certain understanding of Customs law.