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According to the Government Decree 190 of 2007, in order to improve decision making by perceiving citizens opinions and recommendations, government organizations are obliged to organize the “Open door day” annually. Ulaanbaatar City Customs have successfully organized the “Open door day” on 27-28 April, with the help of Customs General Administration of Mongolia /MCGA/, Detector Dog Training Center of MCGA, General Agency For Specialized Inspection, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ulaanbaatar Railway Joint Association.


The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Bat-Erdene.Yo, Deputry Director General of MCGA, Mr.Tseyenregzen.O, Director of Public Administration and Management department, Mr. Gansukh.O, Senior customs officer, Mr.Naranbadrakh.B, Director of Detector Dog Training Center, Mr.Batshagai.B, Deputy Director General of General Agency for Specialized Inspection /GASI/, Mr.Orgil.B, Director of Export, Import, Quarantine Control department of GASI, Mr.Lkhagvajav.B, President of Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mr. Jigjidnyamaa.D, Director of Ulaanbaatar Railway Joint Association.

Mr.Batgerel.B, Director of Ulaanbaatar City Customs, opened the event by providing brief introduction to the main function of the organization.


During this event various type of exhibitions were available to the public, including books, brochures, information board which included customs and other related laws, seized goods and information on drugs and effects of using it.

There were 17 different information boards and a LED screen to give information on the daily activities of Customs organization. The performance of detector dog was also organized.

Different TV, radio and media representative, including UBS, STAR TV,NTV, C1 and Mongol TV, were present to broadcast the “Open door day” event.