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“Information time” is being organized monthly in order to provide information to all the officials working at the Customs General Administration regarding recent management decisions and certain topics.

Following topics were included on this month’s “Information time”:

  1. “Legal instruments of customs and the Draft amendment of Customs Law” by Ms.Oyuntsetseg.S, Director of Legal Affairs division
  2. “Prevention of customs offence” By Mr.Sukhbaatar.B, customs officer of Customs offence prevention department
  3. “Introduction to Customs internal system” Mr.Ganzorig.B, Director of Information Technology Center
  4. “Proper use of currency”. Mr.Amgalanbayar.S, official of Central Bank of Mongolia and Mr. Tsogtbayar.J, Director of Bullion and Cash management Unit of Trade Development Bank

Central Bank of Mongolia is an authorized organization in charge of printing, validating, emitting and removing national currency out of circulation. Mr. Tsogtbayar.J of Central Bank mentioned that due to improper use of currency more currencies are going out of usage. Under the framework of “Proper use of currency” campaign organized by Central Bank of Mongolia, representatives have provided information on “Identifying the counterfeit currency”.