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Opening ceremony for Customs E-Payment systems and the Value Added Tax (VAT) E-Invoice system was celebrated with the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Business Plus Initiative project jointly by the Ministry of Finance, Customs General Administration and General Department on Taxation on 1 July 2015.

For the customs administration, the year 2015 is the “Year for promoting customs-business partnership” and step-by-step actions and measures for promoting foreign trade, enhancement of business environment have been implemented under the slogan. One of them is the launch of the customs e-payment piloted from 08 June 2015 for the improvement of the customs clearance process, facilitation of activities of customs stakeholders and the overall facilitation of the collection of duties and fees.

Customs administration and the USAID have signed an MOU on the implementation of online banking payment in the customs operations in August 2014 and broadened its cooperation by holding a meeting with the project contractor “Infinite Solutions” and information technology specialists of commercial banks. The parties have agreed the technology solutions and implementation at the customs administration and commercial banks were completed in May 2015. 



By the online system, the information of payment details can be transferred directly from the commercial banks to the customs and customs and other duties payment can be made through banks’ teller system which results in reduction of time spent on the payment of duties.

In particular, after making the payments to the banks, the process of going to the documentary inspection is eliminated and declarant can directly go to the physical inspection of goods. This enables condition of considerably saving the time of business enterprises. The payment system also reduces the possibilities of errors and is advantageous as the payment details can be seen to the customs officers responsible for the customs clearance.

There had been 251 bank accounts for duties and fees which were decreased to 32 under the scope of this project.  

During the pilot of Customs e-payment done between 08-30 June 2015, a total of 44800 bank transfers have been made by 8 contracting commercial banks and collected 68.7 billion revenue. In other words, about 90 percent of the payment of customs clearances were made online and the average of 5-9 billion MNT transfers a day shows that the project was highly efficient.

Under the scope of multilateral cooperation of the Government of Mongolia since 2011, for the purpose of providing public with business environment information, Business Plus Initiative project have been introducing the electronic system of public service to enhance the business environment, efficiency of the public institutions, and improving transparency. For successful implementation of these activities, technical assistance and capacity building programs were provided. Further, customs administration is studying the possibilities to launch mobile banking options.  tsahim2




The honored celebration of the People of Mongolia dedicated to the 2224TH anniversary of the Mongolian first Statehood, the 809th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire and the 94th anniversary of the People’s Revolution has arrived:

The voice of the race horses echoed
Archery hiss slicing the wind
Wrestling dance dominating the games field   
The one and only Naadam of Mongolia

I wish all the customs officers on duty in every corner of Mongolia joyous greetings to celebrate this auspicious occasion of National Holiday from our ancestors! Have a great Naadam Festivity.

Tsengel Bold
Director General 

naadam 1



Management team of Customs General Administration headed by Director General, Mr. B.Tsengel along with Ms. B.Oyundelger, director of Public Administration and Cooperation Department, Mr. L.Odkhuu, director of Finance and Investment Department, and Mr. B.Ganzorig, director of Information Technology Center has paid a field visit to Buyan-Ukhaa (Airport) Customhouse. Operational and organizational structure and outlook of the Buyant-Ukhaa customhouse was introduced by the director, Mr. N.Udaanjargal and shared his view to the management team.

As a part of the field visit, the delegates visited the construction site of the new airport of Ulaanbaatar in Khushigtiin Khundii which is 52 km from Ulaanbaatar and discussed about customs control zone, installment of customs control equipment and offices of customs officers at the new airport.

The opening of the new airport is estimated to be in May 2017 and it is being constructed at the geological location and wind estimation where arrivals and departures can be done two-way. The project is implemented by a soft loan contract from Japan and the airport shall be equipped by the Japanese technologies in accordance with the provisions of the contract.

International airport is a main platform where across border crimes take place, thus the structure of the new airport is highly considerate on the security of the airport.

Currently, the only air border point is Chinggis Khaan International airport where attempts of smuggling of historical items, paleontological findings, drugs, and precious metals are recorded.

The priority of the customs administration is to ensure the national security by precisely organizing its control and detection activities at the new airport at Khushigtiin Khundii where the work load will be much more than of the Chinggis Khaan International airport. 


3talt 2

During the Foreign Ministers’ meeting of Russian Federation, People’s Republic of China and Mongolia held in Beijing in March 2015, it was decided that several documents to be signed during the trilateral Presidential meeting of Mongolia, Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China to be held in Ufa, Russia in July 2015 under the regular meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization.  For the preparation of the signing of the documents in Ufa, Russia, a trilateral meeting of experts was held successfully in Ulaanbaatar during 15-17 June 2015.

The experts’ meeting took place in the Customs General Administration of Mongolia represented by Ms. B.Oyundelger, director of Public Administration and Cooperation Department, Ms. B.Munkhtogos, senior customs officer of Customs control and inspection unit and Ms. Ch.Altantuya, customs officers of Customs control and inspection unit. General officer of the International Cooperation Department of the Federal Customs Service, Director of International Cooperation Division of the Federal Agency for the Development of the State Border Facilities of the Russian Federation, experts from the Customs General Administration and Border Authority of People’s Republic of China, Third Secretary and customs attaché of the embassy of PRC in Russia and senior customs officer and customs officers of the International cooperation unit of Mongolia Customs participated the meeting.

The trilateral working group has come together to finalize the drafting of the following two documents to be signed during the Presidential meeting in Ufa, Russia:

-          “General Agreement of cooperation between Customs General Administration Of Mongolia, Customs General Administration of People’s Republic of China and Federal Customs Service of Russian Federation on promoting trade development between Russia, China and Mongolia”;

-          “General Agreement of cooperation between Customs General Administration of Mongolia, Customs General Administration of People’s Republic of China and the Federal Agency for the Development of the State Border Facilities of Russian Federation on border development”.  

   The working group had successfully finalized the drafts of the agreements and agreed to deliver the final versions to the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

3talt 2


3 talt 3

Customs General Administration and General Department of Taxation concludes Cooperation contract on Information exchange


According to the Customs Law, Law on Customs Tariffs and Customs Duties, General Law of Taxation, Law on the Information Transparency and Right to Information and other legislations, Cooperation contract on Information exchange was concluded with the aim to decrease the tendency of tax avoidance, prevent from taxation risk, increase the taxation resource and establish database. The contract was signed by Mr. Tsengel, Director General, Customs General Administration and Mr. Ariunsan, Commissioner, General Department of Taxation on 23 May, 2015.

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Goods classification nomenclature is now available electronically

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Mongolia was acceded to the International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System in 1991 and introduced in 1993. The appendix of the Convention or Goods classification nomenclature was published 3 times to distribute to all stakeholders involved in foreign trade.

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Customs General Administration and the Authority of Fair Competition and Consumer Protection have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in accordance with the provision 7.1.1 of Article 7 of Law on Government Agency Legislations of Mongolia, Law on Customs, Law on Customs Tariff and Duty, provision 20.1 of Article 20 of Law on Consumer Rights Protection, part 15.1.10 of Article 15 of Law on Competition, provision 7.4 of Regulation on Legal Monopoly approved by the Resolution No. 298 of the Government of Mongolia on June 19, 2015. 

The objective of the memorandum, under the scope of law enforcement, is to enhance the quality of state control and efficiency and to improve harmonization between the two administrations by jointly conducting control and exchanging information and thus enable positive environment for competitors in the market and protect consumer rights.

The parties agreed to cooperate effectively with no functional duplication and will adhere to the principle of transparency. Moreover, mutual assistance and support on exchange of information while conducting market research when needed. The memorandum was taken into force by signing of Mr. B.Tsengel, Director General of Customs General Administration and Mr. T.Ariunsaikhan, Director of Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection for the duration of 3 years





Training on “Control on importing and exporting of ozone depleting substance” was conducted for the officers of customs administration.

Under the scope and assistance of management of substances effective for global warming such as hydrochloride, fluorine carbon (HCFC) implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme, Ministry of Environment, Green development and Tourism of Mongolia, in particularly, the National Ozone Unit has been organizing and planning to conduct regional trainings on “Control on importing and exporting of ozone depleting substance and capacity building trainings for customs officers” from 2012-2020.

In connection with the above planning, the particular training was conducted for the customs officers of the customhouses in Ulaanbaatar on 15-16 June 2015. The target participants were customs officers who have not attended previous trainings and eventually, to select 25 customs officers for further training for specialists in the use of equipment for determining the ozone depleting substance and its substituents.

A total of 15 presentations were made during the 2-day training. In the end, participants were given discussion session for concluding and coming up with results and guidelines. Lastly, the participants were awarded by certificates of attendance


Customs General Administration and General Agency for Specialized Inspection to conduct joint inspection


The joint order by Heads of Customs General Administration and General Agency for Specialized Inspection was approved. Accordingly, starting from 1May, 2015, officials of Customs and GASI will conduct joint inspection to passengers, goods and means of transports crossing the border. The harmonization of inspection procedure aimed at reducing trade barriers, simplifying control at the border and conducting effective inspection.

In the further, it is planned to establish technical solution to GASI have them shared the CAIS /Customs automated information system/ which is the system Customs use and conduct trainings concerning harmonized system and its usage etc.  

Buyant-Ukhaa customhouse launches “SMILE” campaign


In order to ease an access to customs-related information for traders, create a favorable environment to promote information sharing and consultancy, upgrade the implementation of code of conduct by customs officers and customs service standard and foster transparency and openness, Buyant-Ukhaa customhouse has launched a SMILE campaign. Moreover, the campaign is in line with the slogan of 2015 promoted by Ulaanbaatar city hall as “The hospitable Ulaanbaatar”.

The campaign aims at delivery of high quality service to passengers and business community and making them SMILE for being satisfied by customs service standard.

In case a customs officer has violated your legal right and interest, you are kindly asked to inform/complain it to Customs hotline 1800-1281. 

Financial audit assessment

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According to the provision 15.1.1. of Law on State Audit and provision 8.9.2. of Budget Law, the audit was made on the following reports:

-          Financial circumstance in the end of the year as the financial package of Director General of Customs General Administration has terminated on 31 December 2014.

-          Financial result

-          Remittances

-          Property replacement

-          Report on utilization of budget

-          Other related explanation and justification



A research conference on “Challenges faced by the border control agencies” was held on March 27, 2015 at the State University of Law Enforcement.

The conference was attended by Ms. D.Tsendsuren, customs officer of the Duty and Revenue Division, Customs General Administration of Mongolia who gave a paper presentation on “Possibilities of implementing coordinated border management In Mongolia and ways to reduce potential risk” for discussion. Representatives and researchers from the State University of Law Enforcement, General Authority of Specialized Inspection, Immigration, and Customs General Administration were present at the conference.

The research papers submitted for the research conference were reviewed and selected by the importance, the content, and the topics addressed.  The winner and the first place was given to the paper of Ms. D.Tsendsuren followed by the presentation of Mr. T.Tumurbaatar, senior officer of the General Authority of Specialized Inspection at second place. The finalists received certificates, badge of honors of the 80th anniversary of the State University of Law Enforcement and monetary reward.

Coordinated Border Management is a new approach for successful border control harmonizing the operational activities of border control agencies as it is no longer possible to maintain traditional control approaches due to the increase in the movement of passengers and goods crossing the border and foreign trade, the number of newly introduced goods, the new tendencies in offences and the rapid technological developments.   

The World Customs Organization (WCO) has announced the year-2015 for promoting Coordinated Border Management with the scope of enhancing and widening coordination practices and the timeliness of the delegate from the Mongolian Customs making a research on the possibilities of implementing coordinated border management and sharing opinions with government organizations and researchers is much appreciated.

We wish a great success to our very own D.Tsendsuren for her research studies.