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Zamiin-Uud Customhouse affiliated to the Customs General Administration of Mongolia organized an Open-Door event on 26 March, 2015 aiming to promote the operational activities of the Customs organization, to widen the scope of the customs service, to provide transparency, to give information related to the laws and regulations of customs to the stakeholders and to increase the level of compliance.

During the event brochures, booklets and handouts related to the customs laws and legislations and Harmonized System were provided to the customers and presentation of detected goods including skins of wild animals, precious stones and equipment of Customs control were shown. Moreover, a detective dog show, exhibiting the detection of drugs during an attempt to smuggle and the damages of drugs were shown to the people present at the event.

In addition, for financial transparency of the customs organization, the information on compliance of the Law on “Transparent Account” was provided and survey on customer satisfaction was collected and the analysis of the survey is being done. Further the event shall be organized regularly. 



Customs organization successfully organized the “CUSTOMS CUP-2015”-multiathlon sports competition in Ulaanbaatar from 20-23 March 2015. “Customs Cup” is an annual competition consisting of 5 types of sports; basketball, volleyball, table tennis, billiard and chess. It has been organized since 2001 and this year, the competition was held for the 15th time.

Authorities of the Customs organization have given special significance to the competition as it aims for well-being and healthiness of all customs officers and to foster team spirits. Almost 200 sports players participated in the “CUSTOMS CUP-2015”. 

By total points, Customs General Administration earned the first place of gold medal and won the Cup, followed by Ulaanbaatar customhouse receiving silver medal-2nd place, and Buyant-Ukhaa Customhouse at 3rd place with bronze medal. 





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The Government of Mongolia appointed Mr. Tsengel.B as the Director General of the Customs General Administration of Mongolia on March 11, 2015. 

B.Tsengel holds a Bachelor degree in Law and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. He has completed specialized trainings in “Governance” at the Itabashi District Governor’s office and “Customs Administration” at the Customs Training Institute in Japan.

Previously, B.Tsengel held several managerial positions at the Court Administration of Mongolia, Customs Administration and Road and Transport Authority. He was also the Vice Minister of Road, Transport, Construction and Urban Development. 



The Civil Service Council meeting was held on February 12, 2015 for announcing the overall result of the annual operational assessment of its sub-councils in the year 2014. The assessment has been discussed and completed by the Council in accordance with the Resolution 26, 2014 of the Council “Procedure of assessing and analyzing the sub-councils of the Civil Service Council”. Sub-council of the Customs General Administration was given 162 points ranking at 4 among 15 agencies and other administrations.

Previous years’ ratings were 110 points at 9th place in 2012 and 120 points at 9th place as well in the year of 2013. 





February 26, 2015

Name of the tender: Tender for selecting suppliers of uniform for customs officers

Tender number: 2/2015

Customs General Administration of Mongolia invites competent bidders for: submitting sealed bids for the supply of summer work wear, spring/fall blazer, winter work wear, uniform, white and blue shirts for customs officers.

I batch: summer work wear – 300 set

II batch: spring/fall blazer – 150 pieces

III batch: winter work wear – 150 set

IV batch: uniform – 700 set

V batch: white shirt – 1300 pieces

VI batch: blue shirt – 1300 pieces

With a written request, tender documents (additional copy if desired) can be purchased by MNT 240’000.0 /Two hundred forty thousand/ non-refundable, each batch MNT 40’000 /Forty thousand/, or by any other freely convertible currency equal to the same amount. Tender is valid for 45 days since the day of its opening.

Tender guarantee of MNT equal to 2 percent of the total value of the tender shall be submitted by the bidders along with the sealed bids.

Tender documents shall be sent to the below address before 11 a.m. of 26 March 2015 and the bidding shall be opened at 11.30 a.m., 26 March 2015.

Foreign individuals are not eligible to submit bids.

Tender documents and other information can be obtained from the following address:


Customs General Administration of Mongolia

14193 Ulaanbaatar, Sukhbaatar District, 8 Khoroo,
Ikh toiruu 81/1, Customs General Administration Building,
room#406. Telephone: 352775

Bank: State treasury, account number: 900011036 


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We are bidding the year of the horse and receiving the year of the sheep. Last year we have taken important steps towards launching paperless clearance, changing the technological procedure of the customs clearance, conducting price survey near the borders, making the prices of import vehicles transparent and publicly available, facilitating international trade through making the customs value transparent and through conducting control during the assessment of the customs duties, and saving time and costs of the traders.

This is a huge success. Thank you. The time does not wait for anyone and will pass at its own rate and our duty to compete with time to further enhance the level we have come to without losing any opportunity and to continue to uphold the reputation of our customs organizations...

We have announced the year of the sheep to be a year for “enhancing the customs and business cooperation.” Under this objective, many activities await us such as expanding the online clearance, introducing the e-payment system, advancing the authorized economic operators, and to organize meetings and seminars actively.

We can do it. This is faith! Best of luck! I wish you the customs officers and our veteran customs officers of Mongolia happiness for your family, in your lives, success and optimism in your dreams and in your work and I wish that all your wishes will come true and your lives will be filled with peace and wisdom. Happy Lunar New Year.




Customs General Administration and the Takhar service cooperation memorandum signing ceremony was held on 16 February 2015. The customs organization has been fulfilling its obligation to ensure the national and economic security and to collect the state budget revenue. However, there is an inevitable need for cooperating with other law enforcement agencies in order to further ensure the economic security of the country, to detect and stop the illegal activities at the border, to prevent from losing evidences and to prevent from the suspects to leave the country. For all of these activities, the cooperation of the Customs organization and the Takhar service is essential.

The memorandum signing ceremony was attended by the Director General of Customs General Administration O.Ganbat and other customs officials and the Head of the Takhar service Ts.Azbayar accompanied by the officials from the Takhar service. We wish successful and fruitful cooperation for the two organizations. 






Dedicated to the veteran customs officers from all generations in celebration of the

International Customs Day.

International Customs Day to all our veteran customs officers who have dedicated their hearts and souls to the Mongolian Customs! We are forever grateful and proud for the current image, development, success and achievements are inseparable from your work and life history.

In 2014, we have initiated and implemented various measures in an attempt to further facilitate trade, which were appreciated by the customers and helped them save their time and money. These measures included: making customs value and valuation publicly available and transparent online on specific commodities, automating export clearance procedure on certain commodities, harmonizing the manifests, improving the inspection equipment, decreasing the number of steps required for customs clearance.

On the other hand, in order to enhance the customs reform, we have been paying special attention to creating positive mindset in all the customs stakeholders. Moreover, we endeavored to raise the reputation of the Mongolian Customs internationally and collaborated closely with customs organizations of Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, India, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan as well as international financial and development organizations. As a result of our efforts, Mongolian Customs has shown improved results on various evaluations, assessment and surveys.

For instance, in the assessment of the Anti-corruption agency regarding the measures carried out by 50 government organizations, Mongolian Customs ranked 12th in 2014, an significantly increased result compared to the 48th place in 2013. American chamber of commerce in collaboration with the Business Plus Initiative funded by USAID and Sant-Maral research center conducted its annual survey on the organizations that hinder businesses and Mongolian Customs was scored 4.2, which is thrice less than the score of 2013.

The World Customs Organization has announced the year 2015 to be a year of “Coordinated border management – an inclusive approach for connecting stakeholder.” Therefore, we are confident that various measures will be initiated and implemented in this area and that our customs officers will realize the emergence of a year that require us to further enhance the work we have started and to fulfill the state budget revenue plan and will carry out their duties responsibly. 

I wish you all good health, happiness and long life!



On 3 February 2015, Shiveekhuren Customs conducted thorough physical inspection on a truck crossing the border as a result of an intelligence provided by the Border intelligence unit. The two organizations jointly conducted the inspection and detected 420 kg natural stones intentionally concealed in socks divided in parts of 4-6 kgs. The case was transferred to law enforcement organizations in accordance with the law, as the attempt had the characteristics of criminal offence. 






Under the framework of the cooperation agreement of the Customs General Administration, Division against illegal circulations of drugs and psychotropic substance in the Organized Crime unit of the General Police Department, and the Border intelligence unit of the Border Protection Agency, an effort against the illegal crossing of the drugs and psychotropic substances is being carried out actively.

As a result of the collaboration of the abovementioned organizations, an attempt of three individuals to smuggle 20 grams of methamphetamine concealed in their clothes and luggage along with the utensils used thereto was detected and stopped. 






The Customs Training Center organized trainings in Darkhan-Uul, Orkhon and Selenge provinces on 12-21 January 2015 with the objective of refreshing the knowledge of the customs officers in customs field in accordance with the training program approved by the Director General of Customs General Administration and with the aim to increase the expertise and to provide them with the latest news and information. The training was attended by over 80 customs officers from the three customs houses. Additionally the training center officers provided information, advice and guidance to 10 specialists in the customs brokers on “Goods classification, description and unification.”




Customs General Administration in collaboration with the Business Plus Initiative funded by USAID has begun to develop an e-payment system for paying customs duties and other taxes and fees electronically. As a result of introducing and implementing this system, international traders will no longer have the need to wait long lines at the bank or even spend time going to the bank. The system will enable the traders to pay their duties electronically with their credit cards, or using the existing mobile services offered by their respective banks, saving time and cost.

On 22 January 2015, the Customs General Administration, Business Plus Initiative and the Mongolian Banking Association collaboratively and successfully organized a Public Private Dialogue regarding the e-payment system. The dialogue was attended by representatives from major banks and the Head of the IT center of Mongolian Customs B.Ganzorig and an employee of “Infinite Solutions” LLC, that is providing the technical solution to the system, gave presentations regarding the module, its benefits and the legal environment.

Following the presentations, the participants expressed their concerns and expected challenges and an active discussion was conducted. In his closing remarks, the Director General of Mongolian Customs General Administration O.Ganbat expressed his gratitude for the active participation and encouraged the close cooperation of the banks for when the system is launched in April 2015. 

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