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Brief introduction of Mongolian Customs

Brief introduction of Mongolian Customs

Mongolian Customs is an implementing government agency under the Ministry of Finance. Our responsibilities include: administration of enforcement of Customs legislation; imposition and collection of Customs duties and VAT; overall control on imports and exports; compilation of foreign trade statistics; and Combat against customs offences.

Currently the total number of employees in the organization is 1330, out of which 1135 are customs officers and the remaining 197 employees are working in the service and maintenance sections. Mongolian customs contributes 22% of the state budget revenue. As of date, there are 14 customs houses and 4 customs branches operating at 24 border points across the nation in 77 Customs control zones and 33 customs bonded zones.

In addition to the main responsibilities of the organization, Mongolian Customs also carries out the following functions: administering and enforcing the Customs legislation and publicizing the Customs enactments; controlling the movements of goods or means of transport crossing the Customs border; handling clearance of goods, assessing, levying and collecting Customs duties and other taxes; advancing Customs data processing system and protecting and securing confidentiality of database; compiling the Customs statistical data on foreign trade; preventing and repressing Customs offences and imposing penalties specified in the Customs Law; conducting Post Clearance Audit; and protecting intellectual property rights.

Mongolian Customs has been endeavoring the keep pace with the rapidly developing international trade environment and has continually been undertaking reform measures. Our latest achievement was the reform in the customs clearance procedure and the organization structure of the organization. As a result of the changes, the bottlenecks in the steps required for clearance procedure were eliminated and duplications in the responsibilities were removed. For more detailed information on the last reform efforts, please refer to the "Daily news" section of our website.

Our next major reform planned to be carried out is the revision of Laws on Customs and on Customs Tariffs and Taxes. The last revision to the said laws entered force in May of 2008 and the latest revisions are currently awaiting to be reviewed during the Parliament session.