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Passenger Clearance

A passenger is:
- Mongolian permanent resident, temporarily crossing out of the Mongolian border or returning to Mongolia
- Non-Mongolian resident, temporarily crossing into the Mongolian border or crossing back out of the Mongolian border

Customs clearance for passengers:
The basis for customs clearance for passenger carriage, luggage, and goods sent through cargo shall be the customs declaration.

Passenger must complete the customs declaration form and submit it to a customs officer after signing. For cargo goods the passenger must complete 2 copies of the form, submitting the first to the border customs and the second to the customs where the goods will be released.
Passengers under the age of 16 must declare their goods in their parents’ or guardians’ customs declaration.
Goods to be handed to a third party shall be accounted as the passenger’s goods and shall be included in the customs declaration.
The submission of the customs declaration form to the customs officer shall mean the passenger has declared to the customs.
Customs officer will check the goods against the declaration and other related documents and the taxable goods shall be handled according to the customs law.
Goods declared by a transit passenger shall be under customs control the moment it enters Mongolia until it leaves.

Passenger crossing the country border shall declare to the customs:
- In writing,
- Verbally, or
- At an international airport, passengers may choose from “Two channels” to declare their goods to customs. When a passenger chooses the green channel, it shall mean the passenger is declaring by his action that he has no prohibited, restricted, and taxable goods. When a passenger chooses the red channel, it shall mean he is declaring that he has taxable goods by his action. The passenger has the right to choose the form of declaration and provided he possesses goods that need to be declared on his body, in his luggage or in the cargo, he should declare by the passenger customs declaration.

Customs requirements for foreign passengers:
- The Customs apply red and green channels for travellers crossing the customs border
- The traveller shall select the channel for crossing the customs border.
- Traveller crossing the red channel must fill out passenger Customs declaration form.
- The traveller should cross the red channel if he/she has the following goods
- Taxable goods
- Unaccompanied goods, cargo
- Goods to transfer to a third party
- Mongolian national currency, foreign currency and/or check equal to or over 5000 USD
- Prohibited /psychotropic substances, and other narcotic drugs, devices for using drugs, distilled spirits/ or restricted goods /Uranium, hazardous chemicals, organs, donation blood, ammunition, firearms, explosives etc./
- Passenger must include in the declaration: information about their cargo, hand luggage, freight or container
- Everything written in the declaration must be true and correct, and the declaration must be dated and signed
- The traveller may cross through the green channel if he/she does not have goods mentioned above
- Officials of diplomatic missions and other identical organizations shall cross the customs border through the green channel
- Traveller crossing the green channel does not fill out passenger Customs declaration form.

Postal items
“International postal item” shall mean letters, parcels and parcels as specified in the Postal Law of Mongolia. The order and form of customs clearance procedure carried out on international postal items are specified based on international standards and national legislations.
The following goods shall be declared through declaration for goods crossing the customs border:
- Goods of a value over 1 million MNT sent to an individual from overseas
- Goods of a value over 100.000 MNT sent to a company from overseas
- Certain special goods such as scientific and technical innovation; territorial model shape; cartography and other materials; research, investigation, geological, natural, zoological, and paleontological findings; and various samples and specimen
- Non-tariff restricted goods other than those prohibited to cross the Mongolian border
- Goods with export tax
- Goods to be placed under customs clearance procedure other than importation of goods for home use and outright exportation.
Customs organization shall clear postal items under expedited clearance procedure. Customs clearance fee shall not be levied upon postal items being sent overseas.
Goods declared through the “declaration form for goods crossing the customs border” (Form #2) include: Sample goods, introduction, promotional and informational books, magazine, tapes and other items of a value not more than 100.000 MNT being sent overseas under a company name and goods of a value no more than 1 million MNT being sent overseas under the name of an individual.

Postal items are returned back to the sender, if:
- The customs organization does not permit the item to cross the customs border;
- Neither the sender nor the receiver agrees to pay the tax and fees levied by the customs organization;
- The address of the receiver is unknown.

Releasing postal items:
- In the case the customs organization grants permission, a postal worker shall release the goods to the sender in accordance with the address provided