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Customs senior officials’ meeting was held on 17-18 January 2018 and was attended by the Director General, Deputy Directors General, Heads of Customs branch offices, Directors of departments and division of the Customs General Administration of Mongolia. During the meeting, the senior officials consulted thoroughly regarding their achievements, failures and their objectives for 2018 to facilitate legal trade in all aspects in order to secure economic growth of Mongolia.

In 2017 customs organization exceeded its target for state budget revenue by 53.4 billion MNT, a figure 28.2% higher than the same period of the previous year. Furthermore, last year 84% of the export clearance was made paperless and the numbers and availability of customs control equipment was increased to further simplify customs operations at the border. A total of 2073 illicit activities were investigated, 1.5 billion MNT worth fines were issued and 1.9 billion MNT was collected into customs and other unpaid duties.

To further secure the achievements of 2017, the theme for the year 2018 has been declared as: “Year of facilitating legal trade and promoting economic growth.”