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Under the “Border-2018” operation which was initiated and implemented by the coordination between the Anti-drug unit of the Customs Offence Prevention and Preliminary Investigation Department of Mongolian Customs General Administration and Anti-drug department of the National police agency of Mongolia, the special operation carried out in Buyant-Ukhaa Customs on 27March, 2018.

During the jointly conducted inspection, the officials of the two administrations conducted control over 428 passengers. The customs officers of the Buyant-Ukhaa Customs worked 24 hours a day and conduct customs control and inspection over 10 flights, passengers, baggage and cargos a day with using IONSCAN600, drug detector test, x-rays, Bodyscan x-ray, TrueNarc and sniff dogs.

In 2017, Mongolian customs detected 9 separate incidents which involve 12 parties’ attempts to smuggle 206.23 gram methamphetamine, 200 LSD, 39.1 gram of new type of drug and 112 capsules of Andate through the state border with the collaboration of other governmental agencies. The cases with criminal manner were transferred to the law enforcement agency.