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050 AEO Logo ORG 2018 06 12

Mongolian customs will soon be rolling out an authorized operator program. Certain criteria is set out for traders and those meeting the criteria will be considered trusted companies by the customs and will enjoy certain benefits and facilitation for the clearance procedures. As such, the customs and business cooperation will be promoted. Following are some of the benefits and facilitations proposed in the draft regulation:  

 -          immediate clearance procedure regardless of queue;

 -          temporary storage of goods at the owners’ premises;

 -          exemption of up to 95% of the goods from physical inspection; and

 -          grace period for paying customs duties and taxes in accordance with the effective laws and legislations; etc.

Upon consolidation of the comments from the trade and other government agencies, the draft regulation will be finalized.

Call for applications to apply for the abovementioned authorization will commence after the regulation is adopted.