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The International Postal Customs of the Mongolian Customs General Administration held a customs-business meeting with the courier services companies on 7 May 2018. As a follow up to the recommendations and discussions arising from the said meeting, the International Customs sent petition to the DHL management to comply with requirements and standards for owners of customs control zones and to allocate sufficient workforce on Tuesdays when the workload is exceptionally high to expedite the operation.

The petition mentioned the volume of international parcels has increased by 40% and is expected to rise further. In order to meet this emerging trend, the company is encouraged to more efficiently manage the load by allocating more human resource and by introducing advanced technology. Furthermore, some courier services filed complaints against DHL for the failure to comply with standard procedure when DHL delivers parcels to these courier services, resulting in these companies’ failure to thorough checking of the parcels. The petition also included the following requirements: installing conveyors and barcode readers for releasing the parcels customs has approved and to make record thereof; better organizing of the customs control zone and improving the record of delayed or detained parcels; and installing separate booth in the release area in order to ensure human rights.

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