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IMG 0093The customs organization contributed 2.73 trillion MNT to state budget revenue surpassing the initial commitment of 2.19 trillion by 124.6%. A total of 530 thousand export clearance and 256 thousand import clearance were completed and 95% of the export clearance was via paperless technology.

Some of the significant achievements in terms of the implementation of the WTO TFA include the significant contribution and effort of the customs organization in the adoption of the 2018-2022 Strategic Action Plan of the NCTF and the “Roadmap for Trade Facilitation”. Furthermore, the customs organization launched its Authorized Economic Operator programme.

Customs offence prevention efforts based on risk management were carried out successfully resulting in the detection of 2028 illicit activities, collecting 2.3 billion MNT in fines and 6.1 billion MNT in duties and taxes. Customs organization successfully cooperation with law enforcement agencies and achieved 15 seizures of smuggling of narcotics.

Going forward, Mongolian Customs, in hopes to further strengthen the previous year’s achievements, adopted the theme “Advanced Technology – Smart Control” for the year 2019.

Mongolian Customs held its Customs Management Summit on 15-16 January 2019 and reviewed its achievements and failures and set goals for the coming year to focus on introducing complete CCTV, carrying out complete reform of customs laboratories, improving the border posts infrastructures, redesigning the business processes and developing it in alignment with ICT developments.

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