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As of January 2019, the customs organization seized 5 attempts to smuggle narcotics in collaboration with the Anti-drug unit of the Police Department. The narcotics originated from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, and Netherlands and were seized at the International Postal Customs.

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8 January 2019 LCD from the Netherlands

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15 January 2019 Ecstasy from Germany

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26 January 2019 Plant seeds containing narcotics from Malaysia

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Ice from Thailand sent via express post

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In accordance with the provision 18.5 of the Criminal Code of Mongolia, smuggling and attempts to smuggle narcotics through the state border will result in 5-8 years of imprisonment.

It is observed that young people around the age of 20-30 are getting involved in crimes related to narcotics. The Customs Organization calls parents to be mindful of their teenagers and children and prevent them from becoming users and buyers of narcotics.